24 hour fitness how to lose weight ?

By | December 15, 2020
24 hour fitness how to lose weight

24 hour fitness how to lose weight: First of all you have to decide to reduce weight.

24 hour fitness how to lose weight

24 hour fitness how to lose weight: Decide to start on a specific day.

Make a note of the weight of the day you start.

Drink enough water because enough water is very important for the proper

functioning of all parts of your body.

In English it is said,

24 hour fitness how to lose weight ?

-Eat food on small plates. This will reduce the chances of overeating

-Lots of non-vegetarian (protein) rich foods like fish, pulses etc.

-Eat in moderation. Protein increases the body’s metabolism and burns fat.

-On an empty stomach in the morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water

with a teaspoon of honey and a piece of lemon.

-Drink a glass of water before eating.

-Eat more fiber-rich foods.

-Choose marine fish instead of meat or river fish.

-Drink a cup of tea (without milk, sugar) after every meal.

-Eat more seasonal pickled fruits instead of juice.
Food should not be eaten after 8 pm.

-Eat two teaspoons of isabgul husk in a glass of water before going

to bed at night.

-Exercise regularly,

What we’ll do if we cannot avoid the invitation or the banquet –

– i will be able to drink a glass of water before eating.
-I will add enough salad to the food.
-Eat meat meat the maximum amount as possible.
-After returning home, i will be able to drink a glass of lukewarm water with half a juice .

24 hour fitness  to lose weight

-Do not drink cold water or any soft drinks.
-If I erode noon or in the dark , i will be able to eat little or no food at other times of the day.
– Get wont to home-cooked food without eating outside. it’ll get the fat, sugar and salt you would like in your diet
-Eat many salads, mix vinegar with salads
-Eat more fruits and vegetables, it’ll automatically eat less fat and sugary foods

Short diet tips to lose weight in the normal way

weight in 24 hours

The best natural way to lose weight is to follow

a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates and fiber,

moderate in protein and low in fat.

Those who go to the office eat breakfast and take lunch as

lunch when going to the office.

weight in 24 hours Short diet tips -weight in 24 hours

1) Do not eat potatoes, pumpkins, raw bananas
2) Do not eat anything fried in filtered oil; Whether it is eggplant or fried patal
3) Do not eat alcohol, energy drinks, health drinks, soft drinks
4) Do not eat sugar at all, the sweetener can run if necessary
5) Do not eat beef, mutton and shrimp at all
6) Create a diet chart based on your likes and dislikes, current eating habits and budget

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7) Your perfect diet will depend on what type of work you are associated with
8) Make sure your diet is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
9) Include whole meal and various grains in your daily diet,

eat complex carbohydrates, such as whole wheat bread,

rice, oatmeal, whole meal pasta, barley, brown rice as needed.
10) Eat enough fruits and vegetables every day to reduce obesity and stay healthy

What to try to to if you get hungry at the incorrect time

Eat healthy snacks once you are hungry at the incorrect time.

you’ll have healthy snacks every 3-4 hours between lunch and dinner.

If you’re very hungry, eat dry bread or toast biscuits.

you’ll also eat fruit.

you’ll eat pumpkin or other vegetable juices or boiled vegetables.

Eat less carbohydrate foods in the dark .

Special diet chart for weight loss

Eat three meals a day
Practice eating three meals a day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is not right to skip any meal.

Because, it will make you so hungry that you will eat

extra food during the next meal.

In addition,

if the time difference between the two meals increases,

the metabolic process of the body decreases.
So take regular meals.
How much fat should we eat?
There are many ways to reduce dietary fat.

Most food companies do not approve more than

30 percent fat in their daily diet.



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