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By | October 30, 2020

PUBG Mobile Tournament If you like to play extra games, today’s event is for you.


You just need to use an app to play PUBG Mobile Tournament. Through which you can join the tournament not only PUBG Mobile but also games like Free Fire, Call of Duty, Clash Of Clan.


Many gamers dream of becoming champion gamers. But there is no platform in Bangladesh where you can play tournaments. (And though I don’t know)




PUBG Mobile Tournament Details:

Custom tournaments will be organized here. And the official team will monitor every match very well. So that hackers do not infest

Separate tournaments will be organized keeping in mind the mobile and emulator players.

The emulator will not be allowed in the mobile tournament but anyone can join the mobile player in the emulator tournament if they want.


You must have an ID level of 30+ to participate.


If you use any third-party tools, the IP will be banned for life.

And you must be registered or you can not enter the app.

How to take part in PUBG Mobile Tournament:

I have mentioned before and I am mentioning again that first, you have to register with Gmail.

You need to verify the mail then you can enter the app.


We are going to organize our first tournament on 30-10-2020 which will be a one match. A maximum of 100 people can join. 


It will be DUO Match and only applies to mobile players.

  1. Solo Player’s anti fee is 10 taka 
  2. DUO team’s anti fee is 20 rupees
  3. Anti fee for Squad is 40 rupees

In total, the anti fee is 10 rupees per person for each match.
The prize for our prize or winner is kept from 300 to 1000 thousand.

And this price will be more or less depending on the member who has joined the custom.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner will develop the prize of the tournament as the winner.

How to buy anti fee of PUBG Mobile Tournament

After logging in from your app, you need to recharge your wallet at least 50 takas from the Buy Entry Fee menu using bKash.

And this 50 rupees will be in your gaming account. 

When you buy an anti-fee for a tournament, your gaming account will be deducted from Rs 50 to Rs 10.




Because it will not be possible to get development from 10 rupees per player, so if you develop 50 in your own account, you will not have any problem to pay 10 rupees when buying anti fee


The main thing is that I have spent a lot of time + a lot of time to get this project ready so that I can give a gift of a gaming tournament platform for the gamers. I don’t know how you will see the promotion or share, but I will just say thisঃ

I don’t want to be digested until I can share what I make or make on TricBD.

And the main purpose of making this kind of app is to think about the gamers. And I don’t have to explain what the main purpose of keeping an anti fee is.

Even then, I would like to say that there is a prize for those who will play the match, so 90% of what will come from the anti-free of those who will participate in the game will be the prize and the remaining 10% will go to the cost of Custom Rom as other expenses.


All live tournaments can be seen from the Stream menu. 

And to give you pleasure, someone has been kept as a commentator.

And there will be 2 people to monitor if anyone cheated in the match.




The score of each tournament can be seen from the All Match menu. It will be known when the tournament will start. You have to be present from time to time.

There will also be all the features:

Page in the name of your team
Page in your own name
Custom challenges 
Custom Clan Challenge
And the Champions League will be organized every month with all those who will be the Champion in every match.
This was the tweak of my tournament app.
It is your wish not to download this time, but below is the download link
Size: 4MB
So you are participating in tomorrow’s tournament with me.
The match will start at 5 pm. So add your name now with an anti fee.
Pull your friend along to your team.

Offtopic with PUBG Mobile Tournament app

This platform was originally created by Skeleton Army Gamer Club and my joint efforts.
And I got a lot of inspiration for this project from one of my best friends or this initiative would never have been possible in reality.

And I don’t know if you will take it as a promotion.
My brother wanted nothing more than to create a gaming platform and spread it among all.

Now it is up to you to report or stand by a small developer like me.

We hope you enjoy gaming tournaments.

If there is any kind of mistake, forgiveness will look beautiful.

Goodbye like today will be seen some other day with something new.

Courtesy: Cyber ​​Prince


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