The idea of ​​making money online – if you don’t see it, you will miss it 2020

By | October 7, 2020

The idea of ​​making money online: There are countless ideas to make money online but you need meditation and knowledge to succeed.

The idea of ​​making money online

The idea of ​​making money online: If you know the idea of ​​making money online, everything will not come out of your pocket automatically. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. And if you are in the right place, you will see success. 
And if you keep walking without a path, you will get lost one day.

Now the point is to make money online, right?

In this age of the Internet, you can do whatever you want at home. However, it also requires the ability to present the skills needed. And if you can do these two things well, you will get success.

So how to make money online?

You can do whatever you want with the experience you want. For example: 

  1. You can teach well but you can open your own coaching center online and take classes online which is now called trend. (Don’t blame everyone)
  2. Graphic design can be good but work with it. 
  3. Web design can be good, but stay with it and do your own marketing, you will get acquainted even if you did not get the job in the first place. And this introduction will bring you local work. And besides, you will get jobs by bidding for work on sites like Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer etc. After getting it for the first time, it will not be as difficult as it is.
  4. Expert in SEO, but then you go down to Sohaga in gold and work on a few projects. And show good results. You will see that the work will come to you automatically. If you need to do some projects for free, here will be your marketing.
  5. You can make an app but start making it. If you can make an app that people must like, then start playing. And you don’t have to look back because of that one app, people will use it to verify the rest.
  6. If you like writing, then there is no point in creating your own blog or site and start giving time. Build the site well and apply for Google Adsense, if you get a golden deer. Because it is possible to earn lakhs of rupees by showing Google’s advertisement.
  7. If you like to make videos, open a YouTube channel. And keep creating content that you are good at. Because you can also get Google Adsense from here.
  8. Your social sites have good popularity, but start buying and selling. You can also earn good money from here. However, you will need a product that you can sell even if you do not want to buy. Think about how it works if you get the answer.
  9. If you are addicted to games then you start YouTube for you today. From the month of creating gaming content to the year to day success is guaranteed.
  10. You are good at photography, but use your career to sell your creativity.
  11. Working as a group can be anything. It is for those who want to earn money by just using ideas without skills.
  12. The last thing that comes to mind is marketing. One of the thousand words is that no matter how experienced you are, there is no profit if you are weak in marketing. Because all the work in the online world has to do with marketing. The better the campaign, the better the income. Suppose you are very experienced but did not tell anyone about your experience but no one will know what will happen to your talent. You have to show your talent in front of everyone. If you can do it yourself, you don’t have to pay attention to whether someone sees it or not. Your job is to promote your work all the time. This promotion will bring you your work when someone needs it.

The above is just an idea to make money online, but there is no shortage of work to make money online. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. When you find the right path, things will start to hope on their own.

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Today I will discuss the idea of ​​making money online with point 11: 

The easiest thing to do online is to work in a team. Here you can get help from such a person. Just like you can help newcomers. It will not make you feel tired as a result of working together. And the speed of work will be 2 times more.

But the most important thing is to spend labor and time. And if you don’t give these two things, you may never see the face of success.

Because maybe I can give you an idea to make money online, but you have to work with that idea. I just finished presenting a short idea. But if you can put this little idea to good use, you can make money.

The idea of ​​making money online 

It is not possible to present all the ideas in one day, but if you want, I will sometimes come up with small ideas in front of you.

How to do the work: –

The work has to be done with the help of the app. And to do this, the group needs at least 100 members, then it is possible to work with this small project.

Everyone’s job is to spend some time in the app every day. You can do this in your spare time if you want. 

Reward System will be connected to the app. As a result, the more time you give, the higher your income will be.

The job of those who will work is to play games. And you have to accumulate points while playing games. And you have to convert that point into money and take payment. Any payment system can be added as desired.

Take 1000 points = 1 taka.

And the payment can be taken only after fulfilling the minimum of 2000 rupees.

And it takes less than 10 minutes to do this 1000 points.

It can be said to be an income to play a kind of games.

So this is the method of those who will work. Now let’s see how those who will manage will work.

First of all, one has to work according to the team leader. And that will manage everything.

The Team Leader will have the right to enter the Admin Panel. And he will be able to control everyone’s payment system, active, ban, point system and other settings from the admin panel.

Where will the money come from that payment? 

The most important question is where the money will come from. The app in which everyone will work will have Advetise of Team Leader’s Admob account installed. And the money will come to the Admob account from the impression and click of that ad. When ড 100 is paid, Team Leader will receive money from Google. Later, the Team Leader will distribute the money among those who have worked and I hope you understand that your profit will also come from there. This means that those who will work will get paid based on their points. And the leader will take his income after paying everyone.

Will so much money come from Admob? 

Yes, it will come because the app is made for the earning system. And the more members work, the sooner the 100 will be paid, and the পূ 100 will be paid, which means paying everyone and taking the payment yourself.

Can Admob account be limited or banned due to app or games?

No, but one reason can be Banned and that is the Admob account in the name of which he can not use the app and even if he can not click on the ad. And as I said before, only Team Leader’s Admob account can be used. This means that Team Leader will be able to manage everything but he will not be able to play games by himself. 

When everyone will earn money by playing games, Team Leader will earn money to manage everything.

Then I am expecting the idea to be fairly clear to everyone.

If everything is fine then where and how to work?

If you want, join my group, we will work together and I will update you every day to see if ড 100 has been paid. 

So much so that I can make sure I don’t disappear like others like Boarclosing. And at least Trikbd I will never give up. If they want to evict me, that’s another matter.

Yes you can work with me if you want. At present the minimum withdrawal has been kept at 2000 thousand.

If you play games for a long time, ড 100 will be paid quickly and the withdrawal system will be reduced to 500 in the future. But it all depends on how the group is working.

And I have taken the ad code of Admob account separately so that it does not match with the income of my other app. So that the group’s account is with the group. And if I can’t give time, I will make one of you a team leader so that you can manage your own work.

Do you want to work with your own group? 

Many may not want to work from my group. Maybe you also want to take care of everything yourself. I also have your solution.

You will need: – 

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Google Play Developer Account
  4. App

If you have all of the above, you can also run a group.If you want, I will make everything for you and publish it on Google Play Store.However, for this you have to spend 500 rupees (only applies to TricBD). And you have to get your own group member so you can also run your own earning group.

Maybe you think I’m promoting?

It is not true that I have mentioned 500 rupees, but the promotion is not happening.This will be purchased for 500 rupees a domain, after hosting if you think I have a profit. But suppose you are feeding me coffee. Because I have to spend some time to make a published app in the play store and if you drink coffee, I will sleep less.You will get this Hosting for one year. And you have to renew the domain every year. But do it when you feel that you are getting a good income from the app.Only one site can be hosted in Hosting, so it cannot be used for any site other than the app.So this is the cost if you want to control everything yourself.

When to get the app? 

You will get the app within 1-3 hours of payment. And after making the app, I will submit it to the play store. The app will come to the play store in 3-6 days.You can start working even before you come to the Play Store. Altogether 1-3 hours after payment you are ready to work with the group.However, you will ask the members to click on 5-10 ads per day so that your earnings will be quick and you will be able to pay everyone quickly.

Those who want to work with me or think about working with the group by creating an app, they can download the Earning App from the link below to see or to work in my group. Download Link

Off topic:

Last year I shared episode 1 about working in a group with Wap4dollar. Although I do not attach much importance to myself, many people have used my ideas.Exactly one year later, I shared a small idea with you. If you do something wrong, you will be forgiven.Many people close to me gave this idea that they are making good money. So I thought if I share with you, if you find it useful, then the article will be successful.
App project is not for sale but if you want I will make an app for you. Just give me the ad code of your Admob.

If you don’t have to give or take everything for free, then there is no price for that thing.

Since it has become a promotion type article today, I am going to do a little more promotion. Brother Brother apologized for the request.
Those who have a website but no app can contact me if they want. I can make your Android or PC Software for the website and publish it in the Play Store.Or if you want to publish your made app in Play Store let me know I can help.I just need to develop 100 as the cost of MB and the cost of coffee. Please contact me if you want to e-mail Send Mail
me if you want to join the group Group
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