Earn Money With Ring ID Best App 2020

By | October 3, 2020

Ring ID earn 500 rupees or more, along with the rules for developing and withdrawing money from rockets.

Ring ID

First, download the RingID app from the link below.

Click here to download RingID
 Once the ring ID is downloaded, install, and open it.

Do a Google search and win 2541 rupees. If you miss the golden opportunity, you will regret it. See the details

Click the Continue button.

Give your mobile number as above.

A verification code will be sent to the mobile number, leave it blank and click Next button.

Enter your name instead of Cyber ​​Prince and click on the Next button.

Actually enter your password as above.(Password must be 7 characters long but must be numbered Alphabet characters must be both lowercase and uppercase)

When the registration is complete a message like above will come with your RingID Number.
(Note: This RingID Number will be useful to keep in mind)

Just put the code 15399930 exactly like above or if you make a mistake you will not get 20 taka bonus.

If you enter the above code, you will get a bonus of 20 rupees. Which shows 20 rupees balance in the picture above. Click on Balance.

If you check Hourly, you will get points, and for this point you must see an ad.

Once you see the ad, click on the “x” button and get some points.

Now let’s do the main work here, if you refer a friend, you will get 20 rupees. Click the Invite button to refer.

Click on the Invite button to see the image above.Now click on the Share button.

Like above, you can share the app download link on the platform of your choice and tell your friend with the RingID Number that you have kept in your notebook in the referrer’s room so that he will not get the 20 taka bonus if he uses the RingID Number you have given. See the picture below where to put it 

The referral code will sit in the box above.
Now if all the above is done properly, let’s see how to take payment.

When your balance is 500 rupees, you can withdraw money from bKash or Rocket.

Now select bKash or Rocket account and click on Next button.

Ring ID Now, like above, enter the bKash mobile number in the upper cell and click on the Send Request button.
Now let’s see how true it is, let’s see the proof shared on their official Facebook page.
Up 20 if you sign up and ৳ 20 cash bonus if you refer a friend !! Download today and refer to a friend ….
Download Now!!*** Offer for a limited time ….

Click here to see their post directly for your convenience.
Now many people think that you will get old when you have 500 rupees. Don’t worry, if you have 40 rupees, you can recharge in any SIM, but they have stopped this service for now and they have said that it will be launched in 2-1 days.
Then go to work to get friends to join.
Farewell like today will be seen at some other time with something new.
Courtesy: Cyber ​​Prince.

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