Do a Google search and win 2541 rupees. If you miss the golden opportunity, you will regret it. See the details

By | October 3, 2020

Google Search: Those of us who are internet lovers use Google’s search engine to find out or download something.
(Just Google would be wrong to say bing, ask, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Duck Duck Go, etc. There are search engines that like what else)

Google Search

When we search, Google Mama appears in front of us with innumerable results and we meet our needs from there. It has become like a daily routine for many. Because we live in the age of information technology. The more I update, the more I want to enjoy the updated technology.

If you dream of earning money from the internet, why is it late to build a freelancer career from today? 2020

Today, honeymooning on the moon or any other planet has become a common thing. I didn’t sit down to write science fiction, so let’s go back to the main topic of today’s post without exaggerating.

I was talking about searching.
If you search, you will get only what you want from Google. This is a lot for you, but what if you get paid for that search?
Suppose searching becomes your job. The more you search, the more you earn. Then what will you do? You will take a leap or start thinking about me whether I have gone crazy or not. But the truth is that we are now living in an age of many updates and getting paid to search is just a small matter.

So if you are interested in working, what is needed:

1. Mobile / Computer or Tab.
2. Internet connection.
3. Lots of questions to search

Google Search: Let’s find out how to get started.

First you need to register by going to the link below.

If you register, you will get 25 tokens or 7 0.76 যা which is 83 rupees. If you do not go to the link below, you will not get the bonus.

Registration link

Go to the registration link and click on the “Sign Up Now” button as above.

In fact, like above, enter your Gmail ID in the 1st box, then enter your password in the 2nd box, and re-enter the same password in the 3rd box.

If you have to tick the box above I am Not Robot then you will be asked to verify as below.

 See above. I was asked to tick the pictures of the bridge. I marked it and clicked on the verify button.

Once verified, click the Signup Now button.

When the account is complete, you will get 25 tokens which are shown on the top right side of the picture.
If you search for what you need in an empty cell, you will start earning money.

 How much will be submitted if you search. You will get 25 points for each search and 1 token will be deposited in 100 points.

This means that if you search 4 times, 1 token will be submitted. And you can withdraw money only after depositing 1000 tokens. You have to search 4,000 times to withdraw money.

I mean, if you search 1 time, 25 points.
25 * 4 = 100 and 100 points means 1 token.
25 * 4000 search = 100,000 points
100,000 ÷ 100 (100 points = 1 token)
= 1000 tokens

Now 1 token = 0.03 $ dollar or 2 rupees 52 paise.

1000 token = $ 30 or ৫ 2,541.

Now you understand that if you search every 4,000 times you will get 2,541 rupees or 30 dollars or 1000 tokens.

Now the question is where to go to search.

If you want to run directly from the browser, they should note down the following link somewhere so that if you want to do some search, you can go to that link and search.
Remember to go to the link below and login with the Gmail ID that you used during registration and login with the password.

Once logged in, it will look like the above. Now keep searching for what you want and make 1000 tokens by accumulating points because the next episode will show you how to withdraw money from google search

Then we will say goodbye like today at a different time with something else.

Courtesy: Cyber ​​Prince

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