Google Adsense Alternative Bangladeshi Best Ad Company 2020

By | October 3, 2020

Google Adsense Alternative For those who haven’t received Adsense, here are some simple tricks to make money from your site.

Today I have come up with some simple tricks for those who have not yet received Adsense or are at a new Basic Level like me, they can see if you want, maybe it can come in handy.

Google Adsense Alternative

The main point is that many of us have more or less web sites and everyone’s goal is to get Google’s Adsense. But if you are not aware of any other way to earn money then let’s get started.

If you have a website but the money will not come, you have to work hard and there is no alternative but to give time if you really want to earn some money.

Besides, you have to keep an eye on the design of the site because the unique visitors are following the beauty as well as the content.

The most important thing you need to focus on is SEO because you can’t reach a good ranking without Search Engine Optimization. And if you don’t give importance to this work, it is never possible to get innumerable visitors.

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Then you have to do social sharing because now you can’t find someone who doesn’t have a social ID.

If you are able to sort out all of the above, then let’s take a look at some of the sites that are developed or paid by bank or Coinbase.

Green Red- Google Adsense Alternative

If you want you can apply for Green Red Advertisement is a good site and their banner adds are very nice.
You can also use their Sticky Add which is nice to look at which can be placed in the Floating position on the Header, Footer or Side of the site and you can choose Add Size as you wish.

There are different types and sizes of Add with them, most of their publishers are Bangladeshi, so if you want, you can be blessed to buy Bangladeshi products.

Green Red Link is a

beautiful advertisement from the above website. Now let’s do something for Popup Tab.

Wap4dollar-Google Adsense Alternative

The main reason for keeping this site on the list is that it pays through development or mobile recharge so it will be to your advantage.

With the Pop Up code from the mentioned site in the footer of your sitePaste on top of the tag is busy. Another way of income from your visitors will be popup. The more income, the more the income will not show any banner on your site, but will automatically open a new tab for visitors.

I also shared an idea about this site and gave the link below.

Wap4dollar Link

★ BDUpload– Google Adsense Alternative

Yes, even if you download it now, you will get money. If you upload the file on this site and share the download link, the work is over.

If the minimum is 10 dollars, you will get the payment.

Registration Link

I just shared some tricks with you that these sites should be used, but not if you want to use something else.

There are many more methods like this, but I have highlighted the most readily available sites.

There are also thousands of media outlets, but the most important ones are the sale site, affiliate marketing, niche site, etc.

Maybe you already know these but I have mentioned that I am new myself so if you are adulterated in basic things, you will see forgiveness in a beautiful way.

Goodbye like today will be seen some other day with something new.

Courtesy: Cyber ​​Prince

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