Action – Live Stream 4K Best Software for Low Requirement for PC

By | September 30, 2020

 Action -Live Stream 4K With stream your gameplay, web player videos, record music, capture screenshots, add webcams, microphone commentary etc.

Action -Live Stream 4K

Action – Live Stream 4K  software will give you Smooth Record or Live STream facility. And if you do not get good results with popular software like OBS, Streamlabs, then try it.

Our today’s article is mainly for those who have problems with the performance of the PC when it comes to live stream, gameplay record . They use this software, even if you do Live Stream and Gameplay from the same PC, PC Performance will be better and you will get a complete smooth experience. So let’s start today’s event without delay.

Action – Live Stream 4K Features:

It has a completely stylish and user friendly interface. Build has Screen and Gameplay File Manager.From where you can Browse, Delete or Export to any popular format.

Sit behind the background of any one color. Because in the Greenscreen Mode  you will find tools like Background Erase. You do not have to use any special camera to get good results with your Web Cam.

You can also use the webcam or USB / HDMI Capture Devices feature to steam live from other gaming consoles or PCs, TV broadcasts, webcams or camcorders. You can put your own logo, you can comment as well as you can save to the local disk.

You can select a specific window so that you do not do anything else so the recording or live stream will not come. Only the window you selected will work then.

Supports HD or 4K video and will give you high performance and real time gameplay. From the HUD above you will see live Frame or other information.

Action – Live Stream 4K Recording will give Outstanding Performance because it uses Ultra-Fast, Multi-Core Optimized, and  FICV – (Fast Intra Compression Video standard) Video Codec which is available in combination with Ultimate Real-Time HD Recording. It can also capture video directly from  NVIDIA NVENC, AMD APP, or Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration to Mp4 Format video.

Live streaming can be done on all popular platforms such as –, YouTube, Smashcast (hitbox), Ustream, Livestream, Facebook, Aliez, etc. Your recorded videos can also be uploaded directly from the software.

Now you will not miss the interesting moments of the game. You can turn on the record by just pressing two keys.

with Action – Live Stream 4K You can make High-Resolution videos up to 2K, 3K, 4K in case of Single Display for Mp4, and Avi Format. 

And if you want to work with 8k, you can also use the AVI format. 

Software Intel® RealSense ™ technology! Start running with it. Then you will get a useful feature like Automatic Background Remove.

You can add time to your Gameplay Record Outstanding Slow Motion Effect.

You can turn on this feature from 120 fps recording settings. 

You can share games from any device. You can also live on all popular platforms or upload videos directly.

This software has Action RCU Application to control everything with mobile. 

Using which you can control the features like Start, Pause, Resume, Live, Record from the mobile. 

App Download Link Mirror 

Action – Live Stream 4K Buy And Download:

If you want to buy and use the software in the right way, the link below.

Buy Action – 29.95 USD

On the other hand, those who can’t buy. You Can run But download the premium version uploaded by me if you want. However, download at your own risk.

Download Link | Mirror

Size: 90MB 

Password: DarkMagician.Xyz

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