With Hard Disk Sentinel, predict how long the Hard Disk will live

By | September 27, 2020

Hard Disk Sentinel is a software that monitors the hard disk of your PC and shows you the predicted results.

Hard Disk Sentinel can be kept in your collection if you think that the data stored on your PC’s HardDisk is very valuable.

We do a lot of work on the PC that is stored in the HardDisk. 

Suppose you are a developer and your projects are saved in the hard disk of the PC. And today you have to submit some projects, it was seen that the hard disk of the PC was damaged. What will you do then?

There may be nothing to do then but if you want you can know in advance how long your hard disk can survive or how long it can serve you.

If you know in advance, maybe not a single data can be lost. 

Because if you already know that the condition of the hard disk of the PC is near dead, then I am sure that you will transfer the data to another place soon.

Let’s give a little more detail about Hard Disk Sentinel.

Hard Disk Sentinel Details:

It is a tool that can be used for any company’s PC starting from home PC user. Hard Disk Sentinel Tools Developed by János Máthé. Their office is located in Urhida, Hungary. 

This software supports the latest updates Windows 10 starting from previous Windows. Its main function is to test the hard disk as well as to monitor.

Identify the problems of HardDisk as well as the extent of its damage and its consequences.

You can easily see the results of Memory Card, Pen Drive, HDD, SSD, SSHD, Raid, etc.

There are currently three premium versions.

  1. Enterprise – 19.95 USD
  2. Professional – 29.95 USD
  3. Standard – 19.50 USD

There are also three Free or Trial versions: –

  1. Trial
  2. DOS Version
  3. Linux Version

Notable Hard Disk Sentinel Features:

Overview, Temperature, SMART, Information, Log, Disk Performance and Alert through which you will receive warnings in advance.

There are also some more features that you will see as soon as you use them.

Some images of Hard Disk Sentinel

See above, my PC’s Hard Disk has a 16% life span. He may get dead very soon. So you have to get a new hard disk beforehand.

You can purchase Hard Disk Sentinel from the link mentioned above. And if you have failed to purchase and run, you can download the Professional Version for a lifetime from the link below.

Download | Mirror 

Size: 33MB

Password: DarkMagician.Xyz

Off topic:

My younger brother (Rifat) and I bought an old hard disk that was running but was damaged in 2-3 days. Then Rifat gives me the idea that if you buy a Hard Disk, you should check it first and see if it is good or not. 

And then I got acquainted with this software through Rifat which is really very useful.

So if you also want to buy an old Hard Disk, you must verify this Hard Disk Sentinel software at least once. It will benefit you at least a little bit to save from buying spoiled things.

“So today’s post credit is giving full relief to Rifat” 


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